Long zipline

From 45 min to 1h30

Our zipline tours are kid-friendly and safe for all ages. Ziplining is a great activity for individuals, families and groups looking for a fun, outdoor activity. We have two zipline courses...

Short zipline - Tree top walk

A hanged tree top walk with 5 stations and 200 meters long. Includes 4 walking obstacle lines and one zip. Recommended for children as well as adults. Short ZIPLINE. (Duration 45 mn &nda...

Mulberry paper workshop

2 hours

Mulberry paper is a form of handmade paper made from the mulberry tree (Broussonetia papyrifera, syn. Morus papyrifera L.) It has long fibres which helps to give the paper its distinctive fi...

Cooking Class

Half day

Discover the lao cuisine through several traditional dishes. Not only can you learn techniques and recipes but you can visit our gardens and pick your ingredients.The course is minimum 5 dis...

The garden of senses (Free)

Around 30 min

The garden of senses is a fun and educational quiz for kids. A test through the 5 senses where they have to navigate in different sections to find the answers. The quiz form is available for...


Several options are available for you take a walk in the forest or through the gardens. You can do on your own but we also organize some guided hikes.


Campsites with tents are available with toilets, shower and fireplace. Our Lao loum house is also available.