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Nahm Dong Eco Plates

Producing plates and containers made of leaves.

Reducing plastic waste

As plastic waste is becoming a major problem in asia, leaf plates and container are a perfect alternative to plastic and polymer based products

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Bamboo, palm tree , banana, teak, and more!

While areca sheath provide a strong and durable material for plates and containers, other leaves can be used. These only have to be collected once fallen on the ground. No need to cut trees!

These materials are organic and no chemical of any kind is used.

Advantages of leaf products:

  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Handy, leak proof, clean and natural looking products
  • Different size and shape of disposable leaves plates
  • Washable and re-usable (especially areca)
  • Microwave and refrigerator safe
  • Usable for hot, wet and cool food items
  • Can be used in social gatherings, marriage parties, hotels, fast-food centers, tourisms and office caterings, even at homes during rituals and ceremonies.

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Keeping our country clean

We believe that this kind of eco-friendly manufacturing  has to be promoted to keep our country’s environment clean to minimize impact to human health, provide solutions for waste problems, bring awareness to population, help tourism industry to be cleaner and will contribute to Luang Prabang reputation for environmental care and cleanness.

Working with local communities

Producing eco plates and containers creates direct employment for local comunities and bring an extra income.

Because we buy sheaths at a fair price, local families collecting sheaths also benefit a significant source of revenue.

Building partnership

Nahm Dong is now developing a cooperation with similar project based in south east asia. As Thailand is becoming a leader, we are working on setting up a strong network of eco-plates producers.

Our patrners: 

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