Children's Day

As every year, the park gets involved for a great children's day, this time with a different formula. In partnership with the Lao Friends Hospital for Children, the park gives away plants and trees fo...

Light festival.

Fancy making your own boat at the park? This week only, visitors can join a special workshop to create a lantern or 'kraton' boat for the light festival.

Chidren's day at the park

We celebrated children's day on 1st of June. Traditionally it is also the day to plant trees. Our teams and volunteers organized many free activities: Planting trees, dance class, obstacle course, mi...

The Gardens of senses

The garden of senses is a fun and educational quiz for kids. A test through the 5 senses where they have to navigate in different sections to find the answers. The quiz is available for free.

Traditional ethnic houses

Our mint fields area is now sheltering 3 traditional ethnic houses representing different way to build. The place will be available soon for camping!