Located only 10Km from the centre of Luang Prabang , Nahm Dong Park is 18 hectares of beautiful plants, lush greenery, exquisite flora and fauna and rushing waters. The area is spotted with cosy picnic places, some under straw huts, some in flower gardens. You could spend an entire day lounging, swimming, trekking and enjoying this natural preserve. Not only are you immersed with this beautiful greenery that is easy to navigate, but you are also in a self-sustaining destination.


Things to do

Nahm Dong is the ultimate place for quality time. There is some waterfalls, a sensory garden, platforms and salas to relax, a view point café, a restaurant and bar. There is also a tree top walk, a... LEARN MORE


The park features a wide range of activities for all ages. Whether you look for something educational or adventurous, there is something for you here. LEARN MORE

Day Passes & packages

Pay less and do more! Multi activities passes start 23$ with shuttle round trip. Adventure Pass , Multi Passes 2 or 3 activities. LEARN MORE

Restaurant and bar

Organic herbal drinks, traditional Lao food, our restaurant area provides all the goodness from our gardens as well as an amazing natural surrounding. Don’t forget to visit our view point café.

Nahm Dong Eco Plates

Nahm Dong is more than ever engaged to develop and promote a sustainable development. We produce plates and containers made of bamboo and ar... READ MORE

Connecting people to nature and protecti...

Local and recreation parks play a vital role in the protection of our environment through green infrastructure, conservation of lands, provi... READ MORE

Organic gardens and sustainable developm...

Nahm Dong park is engaged to develop and promote a sustainable agriculture. Our gardens produce varieties of herbs, vegetables and fruits th... READ MORE


Want to immerge with local communities and help a sustainable project? Our volunteer program offers opportunities to learn about Lao culture... READ MORE

Follow up Nahm Dong Today

Support to Luang Prabang blood drive.

From 10 to 14 of June is the Luang Prabang blood drive at the Lao Friend's Hospital for Children. With more than 130 children suffering from severe thalassaemia, the children's hospital needs regular...

Children's Day

As every year, the park gets involved for a great children's day, this time with a different formula. In partnership with the Lao Friends Hospital for Children, the park gives away plants and trees fo...

Light festival.

Fancy making your own boat at the park? This week only, visitors can join a special workshop to create a lantern or 'kraton' boat for the light festival.