Children's Day

As every year, the park gets involved for a great children's day, this time with a different formula. In partnership with the Lao Friends Hospital for Children, the park gives away plants and trees for fundraising.

Plant a tree and support the health of Lao children!

1. Come to the Friends Gallery to see the different tree options (from 20th-30th May)

2. Give a donation for the Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC) and get a tree

3. Collect your tree on Friday 31st May

4. Choose where you want to plant your tree:

- Donate to the LFHC 

- Take with you to your home

- Have free entrance to plant in Nahm Dong Park and celebrate children on 1st of June

Happy planting! Healthy children!

*Friends Gallery (near Dara Market), Monday to Friday from 10AM - 5PM